Top Tourist Places in Tarrant, Texas

Top Tourist Places in Tarrant, Texas

The county of Tarrant may be found in the state of Texas, in the United States. In the year 2020, the population was estimated to be 2,110,640. It is the 15th most populated county in the United States and the third most populous county in the state of Texas. Fort Worth serves as the county seat for this area. According to the data provided by the United States Census Bureau, the total area of the county is 902 square miles (2,340 km2), of which 864 square miles (2,240 km2) are considered to be land and 39 square miles (100 km2) (4.3%) are considered to be water.

It is highly recommended that you pay this destination a visit due to the numerous well-known landmarks that can be found there, such as Sundance Square Plaza and the Arlington Convention Center. Let’s have a look at some of the most visited tourist spots in Tarrant, which is located in the state of Texas.

1. Fort Worth Stockyards

The completion of the railroad in 1876 transformed Fort Worth into a significant centre for the movement of cattle, sheep, and other types of livestock. Fort Worth was a key player in the cattle sector in the United States up until the 1960s. Fort Worth became known as the “Cowboy Village” as a result of the massive amount of cattle that passed through the city between the years 1866 and 1890. Some volunteers continue to insist on herding longhorn cattle through the streets of Stockyard on a daily basis so that visitors can experience what it was like to be a cowboy in the American West during the 19th century. This is done so that visitors can have a more authentic understanding of what it was like to live in the region.

2. Zero Gravity Thrill Park

The museum features a number of different zero-gravity experience games, such as rapid lift-off at a speed of 70 miles per second and free fall at a height of 16 floors, amongst others, to allow visitors to experience the exhilarating sensation of zero gravity, and to feel the excitement with their friends and family members.

3. Fort Worth Herd

At the Fort Worth Cowboy Village, there is a spectacle called the Cowboy Market that occurs twice every day. The Texas Longfoot cattle are led across the street by the cowboys on their saddles.

4. Kimbell Art Museum

The museum that was created by Louis Kahn has an extensive collection of works of art from both Asia and Europe.

5. John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza

The public space consists of a patch of uneven grass. The structure in the centre is intended to seem as if it is floating in midair, and it is around by squares. The inside of the memorial consists of a single slab of black marble, upon which the name of John F. Kennedy is inscribed in gold. As a means of paying tribute to President John F. Kennedy, a memorial known as the Kennedy Memorial was erected in the home where the shooter had taken refuge. In order to mark the spot where the president was killed, a white X was painted on the asphalt road to the south of the house. This serves as a historical marker. A monument, a memorial wall, a flagpole, and an American flag are located on the east side of the plaza, behind the memorial wall. The flag is waving over the square.

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