Exploring the Ancient Kamalashile Durga Parameshwari Temple: A Historical Journey and Virtual Tour

Kamalashile temple

Kamalashile Temple is a peaceful haven surrounded by tall mountains and thick, evergreen woods. It is about 35 kilometers from Kundapura in the Udupi district. The winding Kubja River adds to the beauty of the scenery, making for an interesting setting. The holy Sri Brahmi Durgaparameshwari temple is in the middle of this village. It is a very old and important place. Kamalashile gets its name from a stone Linga that holds an interesting story inside its old walls. The temple honors Goddess Sri Brahmi Durga Durgaparameshwari, who is represented by a Linga and is thought to have the timeless powers of Goddesses Mahakali and Maha Lakshmi.

Historical Legends of Kamalashile Village

Legend speaks of Pingala, a court dancer renowned for her grace, who once incurred the wrath of Goddess Parvathi. Refusing to perform her exquisite dance once more, she faced a curse from the angered goddess, transforming her beauty into an unsightly visage akin to those of the earthly realm. Seeking redemption, Pingala implored Goddess Parvathi’s mercy, who prophesied her descent to Bhu-Loka to vanquish the malevolent Khararatasura. The goddess vowed to manifest as a Linga in the Sahyadri forest, identifiable by the form of Kamalashile.

Guided by the goddess’s instructions, Kubja, a key figure in this tale, secluded herself near the Suparshwa cave, devoutly chanting mantras until granted absolution. The goddess materialized before her as the Kamalashile Linga at the convergence of the Kubja and Naga Theertha rivers, adjacent to the Raikwa Rushi ashram.

Goddess Parvathi directed Kubja to journey to Mathura, Lord Krishna’s sacred realm, to receive his golden touch, lifting her curse and restoring her beauty. She was instructed to name the river within the Sahya forest after herself, symbolizing purification by flooding the land annually.

How to Reach Kamalashile Temple

Accessing the Kamalashile Brahmi Durgaparameshwari Temple is facilitated by several transportation options:

  • Nearest Airport: Mangalore – 125 km
  • Nearest Railway Stations: Kundapura – 35 km, Mangalore – 125 km, Shimoga – 120 km
  • Roadways: Well-connected road networks provide easy access to Kamalashile.

Sacred Experiences at the Temple The temple stands as a pinnacle of spiritual sanctity, offering devotees the opportunity to participate in special rituals believed to lead to Moksha, spiritual liberation. The revered ‘Salaam Pooja’ conducted each evening pays homage to the illustrious ruler Hyder Ali and his son Tipu Sultan. The temple, overseen by the Mujarai Department of the Government of Karnataka, is efficiently managed, ensuring a spiritually enriching experience for visitors.

Kamlashile Temple Video

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